Lee Hyo-Ri + Jessica Alba = …

…real eye-candy for the guys! 🙂 Both are gorgeous in face and body and I have to give a big clap to the people who managed to bring them together. Oops, I forgotten to mention – they are to be in a CF together. Hmm, should be an interesting CF and I may download it to view how interesting it will be 😛

Korean cosmetics brand Isa Knox has unveiled the story to its much-anticipated commercial starring Lee Hyo-lee and Jessica Alba. The ad for the company’s Double Effect Advanced Serum emphasizes the two starlets’ sex appeal and embraces their unique charms.

Beneath the headline, “A woman’s face is lies”, a tearful Lee breaks up with a man while a smiling Alba does the same. Then, in the latter part of the ad, the situation is reversed and the copy tells us, “Now Lee Hyo-lee smiles” and “Jessica Alba weeps”. The ad intends to suggest that women make no bones about telling a lie to finish with men. The company says the copy “A woman’s face is lies” denotes that a woman’s skin is lies, too.

The two stars were the center of attention during the filming of the commercial in Vancouver, where observers commented on their gorgeous and quite similar figures. The two resemble each other in stature, shape, hair style and even healthy-looking copper skin tone.

Their beauty managers took great pains to adorn the stars, who were competing for national pride. Their stylists each transported about 50 outfits to Canada, filling their hotel rooms with clothes like a boutique.

The commercial is slated to air next month.

Source: Chosun Ilbo


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