WANTED’s MV draws spotlight…

Too bored at coding 😛 so…

I wonder where I can get this MV. Anybody knows? I desperately want to download their live comeback perf. Haven’t checked if mintoro has posted the live clips or not :/

The male trio Wanted has recently released a music video featuring only the band’s members and singer Lee Jung, with no other background scenery or props.

The trio’s leader, Kim Jae-seok, released the music video on his personal Web site, evoking an explosive response from fans, who had been unable to see their favorite band for a long time.

Unlike conventional music videos showing drama-like scenes with the singers lipsyncing, the trio’s music video consists solely of scenes showing only the singers.

The music video was created by Kim’s younger sister from lipsync video tapes that were filmed for the music video. It has topped the best video chart on Cyworld.

Wanted’s song “I Promise You,” the title track of its second album, has gained high popularity on the Internet recently.

Source: KBS Global

3 thoughts on “WANTED’s MV draws spotlight…

  1. i want to see their live performances too but so far none has been posted either at Solid07 or ZDegrees. i really like this album especially the song ‘I Promise You’ and ‘Don’t Go, Don’t Go’. can’t get enuff of Han Dong Kyun’s voice!!

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