“L” movie update

Seems like they have started filming. Not really familiar with this “Maki” role.

Maybe this movie will display more of “L” background like the genius orphanage that he came from and maybe they will include Mello and Near, too 🙂


Young Fukuda Mayuko (13) has been chosen from over 300 hopefuls for the upcoming “Death Note” spinoff movie. Provisionally titled “L”, the movie is being directed by Nakata Hideo, the man behind the “Ring” series. Regarded as a child prodigy, Fukuda was chosen for the key part of Maki and had her hair cut into a bob style for the role. Nakata said of her, “She has a strength of character that shows in her eyes. She’s been able to display a sensitivity and expressiveness beyond that of a child actress.” Filming started in Saitama Prefecture at the beginning of this month. Following the huge success in Asia of the first two Death Note movies, the latest spinoff will open in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan on February 9, 2008. It’s the first time for a Japanese movie to open in so many countries on the same day.

Source: Japan-Zone.com News


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