Wheesung going to expand his horizon to …

…China ? According to this news report, he’s going to or plan to… O_O … ok, wheesung why not expand further down to South-East Asia ? 🙂

Anyway, I have fears when I heard about this Chinese language album that he’s planning to do :/ … And I thought you are going to the army soon ?! eh ???  

Oh. sorry for the “rush” translation. no much time for me to do a QC using the office PC.

Wheesung is going into the China music market. Next year (2008) January, he has plan to go release a Chinese-language album. With this album, he plan to officially enter the Chinese market. There have plans for a string of promotions for this album.

This album will include the Chinese-version of some osngs from his Vol 5 album and 8 new songs.

Last autumn (2006), he had a concert in Beijing and that was when he decided to enter the Chinese market. This year Spring he was invited to participate in a Shanghai event and this has sped his decision. There were offers (to collaborate) from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment-related people.

HK’s EEG, Taiwan’s FUMAO and AVEX has send representatives to watch his two WHEESHOW 2007.

Source: SINA.cn / MYDAILY
English summary translation: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credits when posting elsewhere, without adding additional credits


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