Lee Wan in new drama “In Soon Yi is Pretty”

Eh… that means he’s going to be really busy starting this Oct coz I remembered he supposed to have a new movie release around that time. U know, the one with Song Chang Eui.

Anyway, has anyone watch that drama that he collaborated with Suzuki Ami that was set in NY ?

Actor Lee Wan will return to the TV screen through the upcoming KBS drama series ‘In Soon Yi is Pretty.’

Lee Wan will play the role of Geun Soo in the series that is set to air on October 31st. Geun Soo is the younger brother, though not blood related, who lived with In Soon Yi (Kim Hyun Joo), and protects her after she is released from prison for murder.

Since his last drama appearance in ‘Tree of Heaven’ last March, Lee Wan starred in movies and a Japanese drama series costarring Japanese actress Suzuki Ami amongst others.

Lee wan says, “Geun Soo is a character that protects and loves In Soon Yi, not as a woman, but as a person. Regardless of whether it is the main or supporting character, I would like to take on good roles in good pieces.”

‘In Soon Yi is Pretty’ will be produced and written by director Pyo Min Soo and writer Jung Yoo Gyung who also worked together in ‘What planet are you from?’ The series follows the story of In Soon Yi who was sent to prison in high school for an accidental murder but doesn’t lose hope and finds happiness in life.

Source: BroAsia.com


26 thoughts on “Lee Wan in new drama “In Soon Yi is Pretty”

  1. You’ve got to watch In-Soo is Pretty. It’s one of the few watchable live kdramas right now. Also, I’m watching the episode when Li Wan first appears. Looking forward to interesting things happening. Not sure I like his long tresses though.

  2. lee wan oppa. sarang heyo
    I’m in Vietnam
    I hope one day you ‘ll come to Vietnam
    Vietnamese is hospitable and friendly, and me too
    I wish u and your family will always be happy and lucky
    Chúc mừng năm mới

  3. i’ve watched the drama with my sister and i think his role there made a really good impact 🙂 i did wish for a happy ending for him and in-soon’s sister but maybe their relationship is somewhat similar to his oppa..sister thing, like the one in tree of heaven^__^

  4. Like OMFG Lee Wan is so fuckin dabf SEXY I mean fuckin SEXY!!!
    i love him to death i would do anything to him.lol
    even nasty things just to get to him.lol

    But any wayz i love this guy MAN love ya to death i sure to GOD!

    ————————–>Christy :]<————————

  5. Dear Lee Wan

    I love u so much.My name is Tin Zar . I am myanmar.I want to you reply me.

    best regards
    Tin Zar

  6. Like OMG he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKEN FINE AND HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE 2 GET HIZ NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ***************BUBBLE GUM*******************

  7. wellll,he is reallly goood loookin guy man.i just love him,alll girls are crazy for him in india here,esp.here in the north east where korean movies is famous,welll all i can say is i find him more handsome and good looking then manchester united crsitiano ronaldo,god……. leee wan love man and plz reply me love, pips

  8. well its good that he is doing anotehr series and just hoping to see it soon,all lee wan’s fan love u guys man and keep rocking tii then

  9. hey guys …
    i just want to say that i love lee wan a lot a lot a lot ….. he’s my favorite actor.. i like his drama’s very much..am from jordan .and i hope one day you will come to visit us..and keep the hard work,, luv u..

  10. hi
    i am RAIN from myanmar.
    u know how much i crazy on u.
    after i see the movies, tree of heaven .
    i am so exciting cause of ur action . i want to have such kind of brother.
    during the movies,i cry alot cause of i feel so sorry .
    although i know it is the movies ,not reality
    i can’t control myself.i feel uncomfortable for a long time
    cause of u influence in my mind .
    my exam is too near i am afraid to answer .i need to have stable mind .
    but now i can’t cause of u .
    so if u have sympathy on me plz reply me
    i am hoping
    please .
    bye i wishes u do the best

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