Wheesung Vol 5, Eternal Essence of Music, cover and tracklist

ah, I just have to post this – :/ even from the office! I’m not supposed (and don’t like to) use the office PC to post things 😦 . This is the cover and tracklist for his upcoming album. It has been confirmed to be release on 4th September 2007 as mentioned in the news in his site:

^ eh…so cool – the name of this album… 🙂

Not to mention the cover of this album is so cool!!!! Sorry about the tracklist – I nicked the list from his site and his site is in all graphics! sheessh…

Album Title: Eternal Essence of Music

Release: 4th September, 2007


Tracklist (in English):

01 Love Hero
02 My Way
03 Love Is Delicious ♡
04 Even If You Get Hurt
05 Man And Woman Inside The Car
06 Take Care
07 A Sudden Secret
08 Savannah Woman
09 This Kind Of Situation
10 To Touch
11 Tick Tock
12 Stand In Front Of Separation
13 Punishment
14 Against All Odd
Source: Wheesung official site / Screen-capped by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Additional credit: purpletiger86 @ soompi.com for the English track names

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3 thoughts on “Wheesung Vol 5, Eternal Essence of Music, cover and tracklist

  1. i just knew wheesung recently since im seldom listen to kpop…thanks for the track listing…very helpful indeed…

    have a fine time!

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