Update on Jo In Sung’s gay..oops…bisexual movie…

…Yep, he’s not playing a gay but a bisexual… ooh la la…. Finally we know what’s the plot is!

When I first heard about this movie, I thought it was a girl in love with a boy who’s in love with a girl in a historical setting…but hahahaha…now it sounds like a boy who’s in love with both ?!

Yoo Ha and Jo In-Sung Team-up Again

Acclaimed director Yoo Ha’s next film has been revealed as a historical film and he has again chosen Jo In-Sung to be his leading man, Jo will play a bi-sexual warrior in the ancient Korean kingdom Goryeo. However, Yoo pronounced that the story will concentrate on the homosexual relationship when he described the film as a “love story between men”.

Reportedly, Yoo is in the writing stage and no further information has been disclosed about the project, so far. Jo did motivate his choice when he said that he simply wanted to work with Yoo again and that he was aboard even before he knew what Yoo’s next film would be about.

Yoo and Jo were both praised for their collaboration on last year’s A Dirty Carnival. The film was part of a greater movement in recent Korean cinema, which juxtaposes gangster life against family life. The film was related to Yoo’s previous film Spirit of Jeet Keun DO: Once Upon a Time in High School as both explored violence in society. Spirit of Jeet Keun Do explored violence in schools.

Yoo is also known for his unusual take on relations in his 2002 Marriage is a Crazy Thing. His latest project seems to become a typical Yoo Ha film with the auteur-director interweaving his previous explorations of violence and unconventional relations in another time for a new angle into the subject matter.
Yi Ch’ang-ho (KOFIC)
Source: KOFIC (Korean Film Council)


4 thoughts on “Update on Jo In Sung’s gay..oops…bisexual movie…

  1. OMG i am curious to know who the other co-stars will be also. i wonder how jis feels about the movie now, now that he knows it’s about a homosexual relationship?

  2. JIS received alot of movie offers after he did ‘A Dirty Carnival’ which he won alot of praises..funny he picked the new movie after lenghty considerations..i guess he wants to try his acting versatility..and i am all for it!..Hwaiting gorgeous!!..(hmmm..wonder if there will ever be ‘kissing scenes’ like in ‘The King’s Clown’..gosh..Lee JunKi n the other cast were AWESOME and i love that movie!)

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