Jacky Cheung to hold concert in Beijing Sept 30…

Ah…I’ll be going to his concert in KL next month but the day after will be my Japanese class lesson examination – I’m a bad student.

Every time I saw him (whether on screen, ad, etc), I felt really guilty coz he’s supposed to be my No. 1 idol – he still is – but I have not been as “devoted” as I have been many years ago…ah …let’s blame it on the Kpop songs that I am now listening every day. 😛

Hong Kong pop veteran Jacky Cheung held a news conference on Saturday to release information about his up-coming concert in Beijing on September 30.

The concert, to be held at Fengtai Stadium, is the 68th performance of his “Long Time No See” world tour.

Jacky Cheung’s world tour started in February in Las Vegas and will end in December. More than thirty cities around the world are on the pop king’s tour schedule.

Source: CRIEnglish


One thought on “Jacky Cheung to hold concert in Beijing Sept 30…

  1. This man is the best. Amoung the 4 Stars he is the best. I love his voice. Shame on me I got caught in the J-kpop world and forgot about him too. I was one of his fan when I was little, really little. hahaha I use to listen to his songs a lot even though I didn’t understand a word of what he was singing hahahaha

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