Im Soo Jung new movie poster…

ooooohhh… one of the actress that I paid attention to has a new movie release 🙂

I haven’t watched her last one – u know, that one with Bi. I remembered seeing the VCD/DVD in the store but have yet to buy it.

But I have watched Lump of Sugar 🙂 . LoS was OK, I like her interaction with the horse but sometimes I felt like I’m watching Seabiscuit, the Korean version. Maybe both movies have horses in it. However, LoS ending was very different from Seabiscuit.

Her co-star for this movie is Hwang Jeong Min – WOW! But that poster – he doesnt look like a good guy ?!

The Korean film “Happiness” starring Hwang Jeong-min and Im Soo-jeong has officially been invited to the 32nd Toronto International Film Festival.

The Toronto festival, called the ‘Cannes’ of North America, is the largest regional film market and one of the four major global film festivals after the Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

An official of the movie said, “An invitation to the festival’s Contemporary World Cinema category came simply through a preview of the film’s edited version, as full editing and mixing has yet to be done. It’s double the pleasure to have been invited along with the Cannes winning Korean film ‘Secret Sunshine’.”

The Contemporary World Cinema category, regarded a key section at Toronto, invites award winning films and new productions by up-and-coming directors.

‘Happiness,’ directed by Heo Jin-ho, depicts the ultimately cruel love story of a couple who first meet at a nursing home.
Source: KBS Global


One thought on “Im Soo Jung new movie poster…

  1. if i’m not mistaken, the character of Hwa Jeong Min eventually left Im Soo Jeong’s character for another woman … so, u’re rite about his character not being a good guy!! i’m not so much a fan of Im Soo Jeong but with Hwa Jeong Min in it, it’s another movie that i’m eagerly waiting for.

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