Chiaki-senpai in Korea!

U know, I was in Kinokuniya yesterday to find books for my Japanese study and when I went to the magazine section, I saw lots of magazine with him on the cover! His popularity just going up and up ever since Nodame Cantabile.

Anyone know if the VCD/DVD for Heavenly Forest is released or not in Malaysia? Hmm…I want to watch it 🙂

Tamaki Hiroshi In Korea

Actor Tamaki Hiroshi who has been gathering popularity in Korea for his roles in the drama series ‘Nodame Cantabile’ and the recent movie ‘Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (Heavenly Forest)’ visited Korea on the 17th and held a press conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul.

He played the rather comic role of Chiaki in the drama series of ‘Nodame Cantabile’ and the pure and innocent college student Makoto in the movie ‘Heavenly Forest’ which starred Miyazaki Aoi.

During the press conference, Tamaki Hiroshi said, “I like comic roles more than melancholic roles. And rather than forcing laughter out of the audience, I try to make the comedy come out naturally in my acting.”

Comparing his two recent works, he said, “The two roles have similarities in that Makoto loves photography and Chika loves music, and Chiaki being a prodigy is different from me, but his sadistic personality is somewhat similar,” and laughed.

In regards to continuously starring in trendy works, he said, “Melodrama and trendy pieces have different sides to it. Trendy drama series or movies reach out as stories that could once happen to anyone when young, and it is always pleasant on the set as most of the actors are of the similar age range.”

When asked about Korean movies he commented, “I heard the filming schedule is very tight and got the image that the action scenes in movies were well made so I have a ‘tough’ image of Korean movies,” and chose ‘Old Boy’ as one he likes.

“This is my first official visit to Korea so I do not have any plans to appear in Korean movies as of yet, but I do wish to appear one day if the chance comes along.”

Having starred with two popular actresses, “Ueno Juri has a natural talent for acting, and Miyazaki Aoi always places her best effort into everything which makes her perfect for the role in the movie. They are both very serious when it comes to filming.”

Also in regards to his singing career, “They are both very charming jobs, but while acting requires you to rid of yourself and act out another role, singing requires you to show everything of yourself the way it is.”

Tamaki Hiroshi is scheduled to greet audiences at movie screenings, hold a fan meeting and return to Japan.



3 thoughts on “Chiaki-senpai in Korea!

  1. Gosh..! he’s all over Newsen and i thought he’s doing a korean movie/drama and i got all excited for a second but thanks LW for the translations…He looks so cool!!

  2. i’ve also been waiting for the dvd of his Heavenly Forest (with english sub) to be released. haven’t seen any ‘Malaysian’ version vcd anywhere yet either. quite a number of Korean actors acting in Japanese films like Lee Jun Ki, Lee Byung Hun and Gong Yoo … it would be nice to see Japanese actors in Korean movies too! more specifically, i am hoping that there’ll be a collaboration between Kim Ki Duk and Ando Masanobu!!

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