Bae Doo Na to release 2nd photo book…

I knew she is talented in acting but never knew she’s also talented in photography. Even though I only watched The Host, I have known her name for a long time. She has starred in many very good movies – eg Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance, Barking Dogs Never Bite, Plum Blossom (well, it’s a controversial one!), Saving My Hubby (I only watched a few minutes of it when I catched it on cable and she was hilarious in it!), Take Care of My Cat, etc. All or most of the film reviewers, especially those from US/UK gave good reviews for her performances in all these movies.

Bae Doo Na second photo book, ‘… Tokyo Play’

Bae Doo Na who debuted as a photographer last year will release another photo album.

“Doona’s Tokyo Play” will be released on the 16th with photos and essays from traveling in Tokyo. Last year she released “Doona’s London Play” with photos from her August trip to London.

Learning Japanese on her own and starring in the Japanese movie “Linda Linda Linda” back in 2004, the photo book will feature her one month stay in Tokyo last winter.

She travels through subways and back alleys and also goes around memorable places she found throughout her 30 or so visits.

Bae Doo Na is currently starring in the drama series “How to meet a perfect neighbor.”


One thought on “Bae Doo Na to release 2nd photo book…

  1. another one of my favourite actresses … she may not be as beautiful as some of the other actresses but she’s really talented. i love her in all her movies that i’ve watched. and just like Jeon Do Yeon, she’s one daring actress … specifically in her role in Plum Blossom and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.

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