Transformers – the No. 1 all time B.O. movie in M’sia…

O_O… I knew it was popular here but didn’t think it would be the all-time No. 1.

And this movie is still playing in the cinema. I heard some people had watched it more than 1 times.

I have watched it and it is a fun movie. Will I watch it again? Hmm…maybe but not in the cinema 😛

“Transformers” takes all-time crown in Malaysia and Singapore

Written by Vicci Ho
Wednesday, 08 August 2007

HONG KONG — “Transformers” has become the biggest film in Malaysian box office history after taking RM 17.6 million ($5.2 million) in five weeks.

According to United Int’l Pictures, the Michael Bay -helmed actioner beat both “Harry Potter” and “The Simpsons Movie” to secure top spot for the weekend. It managed to stay top for three frames since its debut and knocked “Spiderman 3” off the all-time B.O. crown.

According to U.I.P., “Transformers” has also become the biggest non-sequel film in Singapore after grossing S$7 million ($4.6 million) to date.

Source: Variety Online


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