Some things are not meant to be…

I’m referring to missed opportunities. Never realised that Kim Ah Joong is the one of the choices for Go Eun Chan and Cha In Pyo might have been in “May 18” but if they were not meant to be yours, they would not :/

The chance of a lead role in a promising soap opera or movie is unquestionably a golden opportunity for actors to demonstrate their potential. Thus Kim Ah-joong (picture right) and Cha In-pyo must have felt awful for declining such offers on account of their hair.

After her success in the movie “200- Pound Beauty,” Kim gladly accepted the lead role of Ko Eun-chan in “Coffee Prince,” a popular drama that boasts an audience rating of 30 percent ― until she realized that Ko was a cross-dressing young woman. This meant that Kim’s long, shiny hair had to be cut. Kim’s manager, Kim Eun-joo said, “Unfortunately, as a shampoo model, Kim is forbidden to get a haircut at any time under the shampoo contract.”
Cha In-pyo also missed his chance to perform in “May 18,” the box office success about the Gwangju uprising. Already acquainted with both the film’s director and distributor after his part in “Mokpo Harbor,” Cha seemed perfect for “May 18.” However, he was promptly replaced, when the director decided his curly hair was not fit for the role of a strict teacher. Yoon Eun-Hye and Son Byung-ho snatched up the respective roles.

Source: Lee Seung-eun  @ JoongAng Daily

One thought on “Some things are not meant to be…

  1. i am soooo glad that Kim Ah Joong didn’t take up the role cos i think Yoon Eun Hye is just sooooooo perfect as Eun Chan and i just love his chemistry with Gong Yoo *fans myself*. as for Cha In Pyo, i guess the role that he missed is one that’s taken up by Kim Sang Kyeong? i’m a fan of Kim Sang Kyeong … so it is good for me that he’s in the movie instead of Cha In Pyo!! i hope the DVD of May 18 will be released soon.

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