Park Hyo Shin – a mic hogger?

I was supposed to post this ages ago but I don’t have internet access for days :/ This news was a bit on the funny side.

If I remembered correctly, SoulStar was the guest on one of PHS concert – I didn’t know which date but someone at SoulStar soompi thread posted the daum link. The thing is I can’t download from daum like youtube so I can’t save them up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I am trying to compile a profile of them but ahhhh….no internet access!

Talking about PHS, I have finalled received PHS Vol 5 that I bought and gosh! it was a very good buy as it is very beautiful – if have time, will capture some pics of the album ๐Ÿ™‚

I have also bought SoulStar’s single…

^ Top: Park Hyo Shin, Bottom: Soulstar (from left: Lee Seung Woo, Lee Gyu Hoon, Lee Chang Geun)

Park Hyo Shin has been revealed to be a mic-hogger in the KTV by his friend. SoulStar’s Lee Seung Woo said, “When we gather among our friends, Park Hyo Shin, Gummy, Lyn, when he picked up the microphone, he would have to sing a few songs continuously. He would not easily give up the mike, even if you want to sing a song in the middle. But he sings so well that we don’t really complain about it.”

“Because all of us are singers, when we are at the KTV, we don’t really want to be the first to start singing. However, after Park Hyo Shin has finished singing, the atmosphere would change.”

On the other hand, SoulStar has been receiving a lot of attention lately due to their duet performances with many female singers like Baek Ji Young, Lyn and Lee Young Hyun (from Big Mama). Their song, When We Say Goodbye, is a R&B Ballad song and is climbing the ranking charts (Top 10). The song is becoming popular.

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11 thoughts on “Park Hyo Shin – a mic hogger?

  1. yeah. i totally agree with you Mei! he should go on some gameshows..would be so halirious.
    try ebaying? i live in australia, so i don’t know where to get korean CD’s there. but yeah, ebay yesasia? they provide you with the prices =)

  2. yesasia is probably the best place to get the cds.
    park hyo shin has a very soulful, jazz voice.. it’s true that it is amazing..
    thank you for the post!

  3. yep..i got all his cds from yesAsia..have all his collections coz i have been into HyoShin since MISA..i never knew he’s a young guy then..Do get his Live Concert dvd..’Next Destination’..awesome live performer..I can’t wait for him to release his latest live act dvd , his concert was a blast recently!!

  4. inez & mei,

    Yes, i also bought his CDs from YesAsia. I only have 4 – neo-classicism, soultree (i think that’s the album title! O_O), PHS Vol 3 – that one that has the photo-cards and Vol 5. hmm…not yet collect all…will do so in the future. Needs to save money for his Live DVD O_O

  5. this from kkrap22

    Weesung talks about 2 famous R&B singers who went to same high school as music major as him.

    HwanHee was in different home class, but Park Hyo Shin was in his home room! Whee Sung says
    HwanHee was really quiet kid with a very innocent/nice smile, who wore a hat. The famous rumor
    about HwanHee among his class peer was that the kid was awesome in dancing and singing, and
    that HwanHee was an understudy at a major entertainment business. But Whee Sung says he never
    saw HwanHee dance or sing, so it was a rumor among his friends. LOL.

    Then with Park Hyo Shin, Whee Sung said Hyo Shin was living legend at his school. Whenever
    Hyo Shin started to sing, there was not a sound at school. All the teachers and students were
    in awe of his singing talent. Because they were part of music major track, there were so many
    friends who can sing so well. When the rest of music major students got together they would say,
    “Honestly, you sing well. I sing Well. But that kid… he seems like he is in a different world.”

    He was very friendly and outgoing in high school, and wore hip hop fashion pants, or wore dress
    pants with a shirt buttoned down to his chest. There was another rumor about Hyo Shin floating
    saying that he was a part of “Insect” Gang. And Whee Sung that that rumor could be possible because
    when he took a look at Hyo Shin’s arm, and it was twice the size of his own. So Whee Sung thought
    to himself not to get in fight with Hyo Shin. LOL.

    The host asks if Whee Sung is still friends with both of them,and Whee Sung said he’s not a
    friend with people who sings better than him. hahahaha~

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