FTTS at Osaka fans meeting

Look what I’ve found. Both guys are yummy yummy 🙂  Look at the audience’s distance from them – sooooo close!!!!!

Fly To The Sky members, Brian Joo and HwanHee, went to to Japan’s Osaka on 5th and 6th August to held their fans meeting. This was their first overseas fans meeting. Their fans meeting ticket was sold out withing hours. Due to demand, they have added an additional day for their fans meeting (originally for 1 day only).

During the fans meeting, they performed “Like a Man”, “My Angel”, and many others. They also performed Position’s hit song “I Love You” and Utada Hikaru’s hit “First Love”. There were about 2000 screaming fans attending these events.

Their agency said that there’s lots of very positive reviews from all the people who has attended. The people said that they have outstanding performance skills. The Japanese agency people is now very interested in trying to get them to hold a concert there (they are currently in planning).

Source: SINA.cn
English summary translation: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
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3 thoughts on “FTTS at Osaka fans meeting

  1. LW, thanks so much for translating this. JP agency thinking about concert in Japan? Fly to the Sky is getting the notice they should’ve had long ago during their career! Stardom and popularity around the world!!! Can’t wait for more news!

  2. Totally, absolutely [raise both hands] agree with Kayla… FTTS should have been a big name since long time ago, I must say they are the MOST under-rated singer ever! They not only have the looks, they can sing and dance brilliantly too, just don’t understand why people aren’t noticing them much ~ my heart breaks for them, BUT hey! they are finally getting THE attention ~ FTTS…aja aja! and please do an ASIA tour soon [fingers crossed]

  3. Naej… I share the exact sentiments! No offense to the younger Korean artistes… but FTTS is extremely superb and yet they are getting so little publicity! Just doesn’t make any sense!

    And honestly.. I do hope they do an Asian tour soon! I want to see them!!

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