Chage and Aska…

WOW, I didn’t realise that these guys are still in the business. I thought they have kinda semi-retired over the years.

And lucky, really lucky for the people living in Shanghai – they are getting FREE concert from them ! I want to go too O_O

Although Japanese singers Chage and Aska have long been working as solo musicians, the duo will reunite for a Shanghai concert in November to mark the tenth anniversary of their successful debut there.

The celebrated rock duo Chage & Aska is scheduled to perform for free on the Shanghai Grand Stage on November 17, Thursday’s Shanghai Morning Post quotes the event’s organizer.

It will be the duo’s fourth Shanghai appearance. Each of their previous shows from 1997 to 1999 made the record in ticket-selling history.

Both Chage and Aska will travel to Shanghai next month to promote the concert.

Works from Chage & Aska are not new to Chinese audience. Among those who have covered their songs are Wakin Chau, Chyi Chin, and the late love-ballad sensation Teresa Teng.

Many hits from their career since 1979 have also been remixed or covered by Western artists such as Richard Marx and Boy George.

In 1996, Chage and Aska both became solo performers, but the band continued to release music as a duo occasionally.

Source: CRIEnglish


5 thoughts on “Chage and Aska…

  1. i remember their ever so famous song ‘Say yes..’ and i love that Japanese drama so much!!..i got into J/dramas (before i got into K/dramas actually..) and Yosuke Eguchi..*sighs..*…!!

  2. Yeah, inez, me too and they have tons of nice songs too. Say Yes, if I remembered correctly was from Tokyo Cinderella Story – one of my fav Japanese drama 🙂

  3. aaaargh … i want to go to their concert too!! why these great singers never come to Malaysia?

    they are one of the first Japanese singers that i was first introduced together with Mayumi Itsuwa and these singers are still one of my favourites. the Shanghai people are so fortunate! their live concerts are great (watched the Taipei and the one on the eve of the millenium).

    hmm …. i think Say Yes is from the 101th Proposal (which has been remaked in Korea last year … i think twice??!).

  4. inoyume,

    yes, you are right. Say Yes was from 101th Proposol and the theme song from Tokyo Cinderella Story was “Meguri Ai” which was also by Chage & Aska

    🙂 Thanks for correcting me.

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