A gay Jo In Sung?

errr… the movie will be set in the old days so err…. I don’t really mind him playing a gay but will he be fine in donning those period clothes?

This will be his last movie before his mandatory 2 years army duty 😦

This year has a lot of ppl going to the army. Besides him, we have Gong Yoo, Wheesung (maybe push to next year ??), Tei. Those are the ones I know of. I know a few members of Shinhwa are due, too.

Director Yoo Ha of ‘A Dirty Carnival’ and Jo In Sung are partnering once again. This time it is a historical film set in Goryeo and is a melodrama following homosexual love.

Jo In Sung has been turning down numerous offers for movie and drama appearances to take on the role in the upcoming film by the director. The film will start filming next March, being the last for Jo In Sung before he enlists for his military duty. The title is to be determined.

Director Yoo says, “This is an original piece based on a true story of the Goryeo era and I have not yet decided the title. It is a love story with two men and one lady.”

He also says, “This is my fifth piece, but I wanted to make a change so I decided to do a historical film. I always felt uncomfortable with the genre but I felt I should try to overcome those feelings. It is also a new challenge for me to focus on a melodrama.”

Director Yoo has received good reviews from critics and audiences for his provocative perspectives and portraying the violent aspects of human nature.

According to Director Yoo, Jo In Sung will play a Goryeo warrior accompanied by another actor and actress to form a melo line, and will also have a slight homosexual tendency added to it. He directly says it is a love story of the men, and the cast for the two other roles have not yet been decided upon.

The scenario will be completed towards the end of August while Jo In Sung is training in martial arts to play his role.

Jo In Sung says, “After ‘A Dirty Carnival,’ I decided to do my next piece with director Yoo. I will start learning horseback riding, martial arts, and the geomungo starting this month as the Director says it is necessary for my role.”

He added, “I haven’t heard the details about the film yet, but I trust the director. I will try my best as I believe it is an opportunity to show a good aspect of myself as an actor once again,” showing his faith in Director Yoo.

Source: BroAsia.com


9 thoughts on “A gay Jo In Sung?

  1. WHAAAAT!?……could this be another “King and the Clown” in the making. i hope Jo In Sung does well before he leaves for the military.

  2. Man…i am anything for JIS!!!..I have been waiting for him to do this kind of role!! Yeah..some great piece for us before he leaves for the army..

  3. cjlatina – dont think it will be another King and Clown since…err no King is involved 😛

    Anyway, as I have stated, Im more concerned if he will be suitable in wearing those clothes coz some actors are just not born to wear traditional clothes – they looked weird in it. I’m not referring to JIS as I havent actually seen him in one.

  4. what i meant was another good story about love no matter if it’s about 2 men, or a man and a woman. i liked the “King and the Clown” it was a great movie. that is what i meant when i said “another King in the Clown in the making”, also because of the gay theme.

  5. i dunno why but so far i find myself quite receptive at watching movies about gays (not that i condone this kind of relationship). i’ve seen quite a number of them (all Asian movies though) and some of my friends kinda freaked out when i told them about it.

    i can kind of imagine JIS in that kind of role b’cos of his looks … more delicate than most women. i hope this is going to be another good movie for him … i really enjoyed his acting in Dirty Carnival.

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