So Ji Sup’s online photo gallery, The Things He Likes, pics…

I am not going to post them all here…. just one 🙂 – you will have to go to Naver to view them. WOW! They are superb! I like them…

I have included another similar news about his online photo exhibition. It will ran for 3 months – therefore, I will go there often to download them when I have the internet lines 🙂

Picture Credit: So Ji Sup at his online photo board, please do not hotlink pic

*** Related news **
Actor So Ji Sup will host ‘The Things He Likes’ on the newly opened photo board on the portal site Naver ( The theme, as the title suggests, will be photos of the things he likes with short essays.

So Ji Sup who also posts photos taken himself along with messages to fans on his official website ( posted photos of the nature and city scenery while traveling in the U.S. and New Zealand. He also added a short essay to go along with it.

BOF, So Ji Sub’s agency commented, “So Ji Sup who usually has a quiet personality has a way of portraying things around him pictures with a warm light. I hope more people can feel this sincere side of So Ji Sup through his photos.”

So Ji Sup’s photo essay will continue for three months.



9 thoughts on “So Ji Sup’s online photo gallery, The Things He Likes, pics…

  1. Hey there So ji sup, I came from Philippines!!! I have seen 3 of your mini-series and I really wanna see you in person. I hope you could visit our country for your next project launching. See you soon.

  2. ..hello so ji sub!!!!..i am one of your addict fan here in the philippines…i really, really love your movie i’m sorry, i love really touches my heart…you deserved the award for being a very good actor..hope to see you here in our country..i love you…^_^


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