Odagiri Joe’s Looking for Cherry Blossoms…

This is for some readers of this blog who really likes him- you know who you are 😛 . The trailer is available at the official website for his debut directorial movie (click on the 2nd link from the top on your left screen – as depicted in the pic below).

LOL, his hairstyle is so 80-ish…. muahahahaha….

As for the plot, you can get the details at ryuganji.net here.


8 thoughts on “Odagiri Joe’s Looking for Cherry Blossoms…

  1. ^ really? if I have time, I’ll search the internet for them…lol, he has a wiki entry, BTW 🙂 …but that wiki entry has yet to list this movie in his biography.

  2. heh … the hairstyle is so wacky and based on the trailer … this is a comedy. this guy has so much talent and he really can make himself look ‘ugly’ when he wants to! (though i still think he looks good with all those hair and funny expressions).

    i haven’t seen Jikou Kisetsu yet … though i’ve read quite good review / comment on it.

  3. hahahahahah that look he has on the photo above makes him look like a roaster being surpised by something.lol and the trailer looks like the move will be funny. probably about to odd balls hanging around doing nothing. i like movies like that.

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