MBC FM4U 2007 event pics

Hmm…don’t know if there will be any file links for me to download šŸ™‚ …I want to watch wheesung perform šŸ˜¦ …

There’s lot of artists performing besides wheesung… SG, Epik High, T, Lexy, Sung Si Kyung, etc . The event was held in Seoul’s Han Yang University on 2nd August.
Note: Please do not hotlink pictures.

^ all the pics of my wheesung la…

^ SG Wannabe and Park Kyung Lim …and more pics of them:

^ Sung Si Kyung…

^ Epik High

Picture Sources: SINA.cn & Newsen.com & Melon.com


2 thoughts on “MBC FM4U 2007 event pics

  1. Wheesung’s hair looks interesting. I think he’s going for the mohawk. I can’t wait until his fifth album comes out. Darn it!

  2. SG Wannabe i like your song, its a beautiful song…i always want to hear it from my mp4 specially when i take a rest after my class…

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