Jay Chou interviewed for Secret…

Ehm, from Singapore. I have briefly watched the MV and well, maybe, if have time, will upload it. Not likely to go to cinema to watch it but may watch it on ahem…DVD. The lead girl is very sweet.

I watched an interview that he did with her on a HK news channel when he was there for his movie premiere and he talked quite a number of things like his relationship with Anthony Wong, his own father, his relationship with Kwai Lun Mei (the girl la). He said that Anthony is his godfather šŸ™‚ and he is like Anthony – likes to act cool …hahaha…

Jay Chou Shows His Romantic Side in Directorial Debut

By Ngiam Ying Lan/ Singapore

With seven bestselling albums, and more than 200,000 copies sold in Singapore alone, no one could fault singer Jay Chou if he rests on his laurels.

But the 28-year-old looks set for a fulfilling second career: He wrote, directed, and starred in his first movie, the campus romance titled Secret, which opens in Singapore on Aug 8.

Early reviews from press screenings have been favourable – most called it a competent debut effort.

In the 90-minute movie, Chou plays a music student who embarks on a search for his female classmate (Kwai Lun-mei) who mysteriously disappears from school one day.

While Kwai has given her co-star a full “100 marks” for his debut work, Chou would only allow himself 95. “It’d be strange if I gave myself a perfect score,” he said.

Casually clad in a black shirt, jeans, and canvas shoes for this interview, Chou was in Singapore as part of a regional promotional tour for Secret.

Last seen in last year’s Zhang Yimou period movie, Curse of the Golden Flower, Chou said he prefers staying behind the camera: “As an actor, you do what you’re told. As a director, you can change your ideas any time, and control the scene.”

Saying he has hit a plateau in his singing career, Chou sees directing as an alternative creative outlet. “If I continue to stand at the same spot, I cannot improve. So it’s time to change tracks. I have lots of ideas to express.”

For a start, he has drawn inspiration for Secret from a childhood experience, never mind that it’s nowhere as romanticised as the movie. “It happened when I was about 14,” he said. “She broke up with me saying that the exams were near.”

A romantic at heart, Chou confessed: “I used to like this (other) girl. On her birthday, I brought her to a park, told her to close her eyes, and then set off some firecrackers. It was like a scene from a movie.”

But his next directorial effort is likely to be an action flick. Or perhaps a serious drama. Or maybe even an animated movie.

After all, Doraemon is his favourite cartoon.

“Many childhood dreams have been built upon this character,” he said.

Source: channelnewsasia.com / CRIEnglish.com

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