Gucci fashion event pics…

After the music event pics, we now have another event… we have Lee Dong Wook, Eric, Lee Jin Wook, Jae Hee, Kim Ah Joong, etc.

LDW looked a bit sleepy (maybe the eyes) – I don’t like his long hairstyle – wish he would cut his hair :/ . Eric, as always, looks kakkoii.

Note: Please do not hotlink pics

^ the always cool Eric πŸ™‚

^ hmm…please cut your hair, Dong Wook-ssi :/

^ Jae Hee – don’t know what he’s so happy about…but I like him more when he’s not smiling…

^ sweet Kim Ah Joong…

^ that’s Lee Jin Wook, right???



5 thoughts on “Gucci fashion event pics…

  1. Lee Jin Wook look so cute & handsome. He’s my new favorite actor. He looked his best in “Air City” & the 11/27/07 Andre Kim’s Unicef Fashion Show. He was Choi Ji Woo’s partner in that fashion show. They sure looked great together. I hope they get together again in another project. He was also Choi Ji Woo’s co-star in “Air City”.

    Don’t worry Lee Dong Wook will surely cut his long hair soon because he’ll be in military in the very near future after his last movie. Good luck & God bless Lee Dong Wook. You’re also my favorite actor.

  2. HI!!!! Kim Ah joong looks very beautiful in her dress huh>?>?>?Well, for me she is always beautiful although many people judges her beauty….kurigo I don’t care of them!!!!I’ve seen a lot of ah joong’s pictures when she was in highschool and she still the same,,,almost nothing changed!!!! I like kim ah joong!!!!Go!!!!!ah joong shi!!!! you can do it!!!!Always remember we are still supporting you!!!! Just be humble and be what you are!!!!
    kamshahamnida!!! komawoyo!!!! thanks!!!!

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