Baek Ji Young narrates WANTED’s I Promise You video…

…that’s for the 2nd version of the video. WANTED has two versions – one normal one where WANTED’s 3 members and guest member Lee Jung appearing on the MV and the second one is an OST MV for the movie “Mu Oi”. “Mu Oi” is a horror movie and well, some of the scenes included are pretty scary – well, it did scared me!

I have no idea Baek Ji Young is the voice behind the narration – I thought that voice belonged to one of the 2 actresses from the movie. Baek Ji Young seems to be anywhere these days – I’ve been watching her performing with SoulStar (well, since I’m obsessed with SoulStar now – downloading all the stuff I can get online – even youtube!). Then everyday I heard her singing Day & Night with K.will. Follow that up with that duet she sings with WANTED @_@.

As for WANTED’s new album, 7dayz & wanted, I like it and will definitely buy it later in the month – am waiting for Wheesung’s pre-order @ YesAsia before I place the order 🙂

I like Wonderful Days, I Promise You, Be My Woman, You and Me (feat. Epik High) and all their solos.

Forgotten to mention that this news was quite old (in news’ time date) but who cares, eh?

Group ‘Wanted’ and singer Lee Jung has collaborated for ‘Wanted’ 2nd album. Through ‘Mui’ (movie) music video, the group was able to come up with a title song, “I Promise You”.

“I Promise You” is embedded with ‘Wanted”s dramatic and melodic/ballad tone, along with ‘Seven Days’ and Lee Jung’s vocals.

Also, singer Baek Ji Young contributed as well. BJY does the narration part to the ‘Mui’ music video. Baek Ji Young is aware of the genre of the film, and basically took the most significant part and narrated the MV with a low voice. BJY’s narration is not included in ‘Wanted’ album, “I Promise You”.

The music video of ‘Mui’ will be used in the last week of June to promote the film, with “I Promise You”, ‘Wanted”s album debuting as well.

‘Wanted”s 2nd album will be up on music websites, starting on the 28th, with a teaser announcement. Then in July, the official title, ‘Wanted & Seven Days’, will be presented.

credits to yahoo korea + soompi + Shinhwa_LoVe @ Soompi
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One thought on “Baek Ji Young narrates WANTED’s I Promise You video…

  1. i just can’t get enough listening to I Promise You especially the part of Ha Dong Kyun. i’m going to get the cd too … together with Hye Sung’s and Wheesung’s.

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