Son Ho Young concert poster

SHY concert has been reported before but this one has a poster 🙂 .

This poster for SHY concert is very colorful 🙂

Date : August 18th-19th

Place : Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul

Sohn Ho Young will take to the stage in Seoul to heat up and cool down those sultry summer nights.
He will get body temperatures rising as starts off the night showing his sexy and charismatic side.
He will then cool things down with a romantic and sweet set of love songs.
The night will end with a fun party atmosphere, causing everyone to stand up and enjoy their summer vacation.

Source: RKI KBS


2 thoughts on “Son Ho Young concert poster

  1. what is up with the different design themes,which i don’t mind because i love shy. but first they had a candy theme on his covers, than that wizard of oz pic, and now an underwater theme for his poster. are they going for a fantasy setting. first willy wonka candy factory, than the wizard of oz, and now little

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