Hollywood is remaking Shinobi…

…and guess where the location is set ?

Hong Kong ?!

They changed the story to be based on security guards’ rivalry (instead of ninja). Cast is not set yet and I do hope they better include Asians…coz well..if the film is set in HK but the cast is all gwailos…that ehm looked weird :/

Well, here’s the full story from Variety.
BTW, I haven’t watch Shinobi yet …have the DVD but not yet have the time to watch it.


12 thoughts on “Hollywood is remaking Shinobi…

  1. noooo they can’t remake shinobi or change it like that. hollywood is getting on my nervous with all this remaking sh*t(sorry for cursing). i don’t get the change. why security guards?! that makes no sense. i sense another failed hollywood attempt at remaking a asian movie.

  2. yup … it’s the one with Odagiri and that teacher in Gokusen. i also watched it because of Odagiri! if the story is going to be that different … why call it a ‘remake’? it should be an ‘adaptation’ … don’t you think so?

    mmm … the characters in the movie have special powers and abilities … i wunder how are they going to fit that into the ‘remade’ story!!

    and inez … have u watched Odagiri in La Maison de Himiko? i think he looks so deliciously gorgeous in this movie. the movie is really good …

  3. seriously noooooo!!!!!
    I loved Nakama Yukie and Odagiri Joe.
    Why must they destroy nice movies.
    Blood the last vampire is also being made in a Hollywood movie but actress portraying Saya is a little too old and I thought Saya was japanese.

  4. inoyume, yes i did, i saw that movie too !!..it was awesome!!..i mean Japanese have this credibility to make great movies..!.

  5. yeah … that’s true!! Japan has so many great directors who directed really great movies … i even enjoy their old movies like those directed by Ozu Yasujiro and Masaki Kobayashi.

    heh heh … sorry .. but i can’t help talking about Odagiri’s movies again here. another good one would be Yureru (Sway). i’ve also bought the dvd of his 2005 movie, Big River but haven’t watched it yet. read that he speaks good english in this movie.

  6. gosh, all of you made me want to watch Shinobi… 😦 i must find a dvd player to watch it πŸ˜› coz my laptop wont play that dvd hahaha…

    and well, Hollywood is remaking anything Asian now – it’s the “in” thing to do πŸ˜›

  7. or fangorn you can go to crunchyroll.com to watch it if you can’t find a dvd player to play the movie. πŸ˜€ i love joe too he is a really good actor and hot too.

  8. Aah..the ever outrageous, hot , talented and sexy Jo Odagiri!!..i hope to watch ‘Big River’ too..i saw ‘Scrap Heaven’ and Shinobi’..oh..he has so many movies to his names! ..saw bits of ‘Yureru’..oooh..~~
    But i think remakes can never be as good as the originals.. they (Hollywood) are running out of ideas already?.

  9. cjlatina,

    thanks for the info – it’s not that I cant/wont download from crunchyroll…just that my line sucks these days so I cant download lots of things at one time and I dont have long internet time to download them :/


    Im not sure …if you say they are, it’s not coz there are some nice solid movies (originals) coming out from Hollywood… maybe it’s just a minor portion of Hollywood – hopefully ! I do noticed that they usually remake horror ones coz Im pretty sure their horror movies lack the psychological feeling that Asian horror movies have. However, I do not like their remaking of horror movies – they’ve added too much “action” in it.

  10. Asian movies are subtle whereas in Hollywood, when they make movies, i think they always try to ‘explain’ everything to the audience. compare the original Dark Water and its remake … also Il Mare and its remake, The Lakehouse.

  11. The good Hollywood remakes i can remember are ‘Magnificent Seven’ (from Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 classic ‘Seven Samurai’), ‘The Departed’ (Infernal Affairs), ‘Shall We Dance’ (Japanese film of the same name) and a couple of horror flicks ‘Ring’, The Grudge’, ..
    Slated in the making are ‘Old Boy’, ‘Memories Of Murder’, and have they done ‘A Tale Of Two Sisters’ yet?..i know they did ‘My Sassy Girl’..

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