Ocean Ou Vol 3, 101 Love Letters, cover and tracklist

He’s definitely not the handsome type and most people outright said he looks ehm…ugly 😦 . I don’t really care as long as I like the songs. IMO, his songs have that folkish sound to it. I like his MVs too coz they are all cartoon MVs. His album covers also include that cartoon guy 🙂

BTW, I translated the Chinese track names to English (with exception of Track 10) – ehm, if there’s any mistakes, please let me know. Anybody knows what Track 10 means?

Album: 101 Love Letters

Release: 20th July 2007


01 第一封情書 (Intro) / The First Love Letter
02 海盜船 / Pirate Ship
03 101封情書 / 101 Love Letters
04 二次感冒 / Second Flu
05 我是你的天空 / I Am Your Sky
06 蒲公英在飛 / Taraxacum Is Flying
07 媽媽的老情歌 / Mother’s Old Love Song
08 上花轎 / Ride The Bridal Sedan
09 手心手背 / Palm and Back of Hand
10 彈珠汽水 / Marble Soda
11 你看得見鑽石 / You Can See a Diamond

Source: Z-degrees.net (for Chinese tracklist), YesAsia (for album cover) / Rosie for some of the tracklist translations


4 thoughts on “Ocean Ou Vol 3, 101 Love Letters, cover and tracklist

  1. yes, i think i can translate the song title for track 10.
    彈珠汽水 – is a bottled carbonated drink, whereby the design of the bottle is very unique. in the bottle, there is a small 彈珠 trapped in the neck of the bottle, thus the name. It’s popular in japan. Remember to ask me on sat, i can bring u to isetan and show u. If i am right, it is called Ramune (ラムネ). In any event, search wikipedia with the word – Ramune.

  2. i think track 11- should read “You can see Diamond”
    as for track 4- shoud read “Second Flu”
    Track 6 – “Taraxacum is flying”
    Track 9 – “Palm and back of hand”

  3. ^ thanks Rosie for the translated corrections.

    彈珠汽水 -> I found it the English name is “Marble Soda” 🙂 Yes, it was called Ramune in Japanese.

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