Lust, Caution trailer captures…

WOW, looked what I’ve found – the official trailer (in English!) for Lust, Caution. The trailer works (for me) as now I am really interested in the film…

I have to say that this film will make Tang Wei, the new girl, a household name. She has that look that will just attract your attention once she’s on screen and IMO, she’s not those outright beauty. And in the trailer, her stares are very cold…like she can kill you with her stares!

As for Lee Hom, ahem…sorry to all the Lee Hom fans, Ang Lee never mentioned his name in the trailer! Don’t worry, I managed to capture a few caps of him.

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures, you may click on them for larger views

^ that’s the Title, which actually appeared near the end of the trailer 😛 …

and the final shot of the trailer is Tang Wei’s beautiful back…

Watch the Trailer at Focus Features here.

Source: Focus Features


4 thoughts on “Lust, Caution trailer captures…

  1. wow, it looks like yet another great movie by Ang Lee.
    Tang Wei is absolutely stunning, she has this untraditional beaty.

  2. Lee Hom’s name is mentioned in the original language trailer. I think it was also like that for Jay Chou and the Curse of the Golden Flower. They may just not be as well known as actors in international markets and don’t warrant the mention.

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