Son Ho Young new single, Sweet Love, cover and tracklist

Gosh, I have a hard time finding this single on the front pages of melon, bugs, etc. πŸ˜› I have to do a Korean name search to find it. Usually I don’t have to. Anyway, this cover is designed by SHY himself. He actually has 2 cover versions of this single. LOL, the cover is fun-looking.

BTW, I used an online Korean translation for the romanized tracklist, if there’s anything incorrect, please let me know.

And according to sugarisallineed @ solid07 forums, track 2 is a Korean version of Ne-Yo’s Because of You. I havent have the chance of listening to the songs yet so πŸ™‚ as usual can’t comment but I’m now downloading the MV πŸ˜€
Note: Please do not hotlink pictures

Single: Sweet Love

Release: 27th July 2007


01 μ•ˆλ˜λ‚˜μš” / Ahn Dwae Na Yo
02 ν•˜λŠ˜μ— λ‚΄ 마음이 / Ha Neu Re Nae Ma Eun Mi
03 κ·Έλ €λ³Έλ‹€ / Geu Ryeo Bon Da
04 μ‚¬λž‘μ΄λž€ 건 / Sarang I Ran Geon
05 ν•˜λŠ˜μ— λ‚΄ 마음이 Guitar version
Source: Oi Music

And… I found this pic:

Picture source: SINA / mydaily


4 thoughts on “Son Ho Young new single, Sweet Love, cover and tracklist

  1. ohhhhhh they are cute album covers. it shows his playful side and he is soooooooo cute. what is up with that second photo?! are they going for a wizard of oz theme or something?…..and his stylist need to be

  2. Hey girl…do u have his lyrics? esp Ahn Dwae Na Yo? please post if u have one ya..nomu nomu gamsaduriguyo ^^
    Loved this song very much! thx and love ya kekekeke ^^

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