[MV] Onitsuka Chihiro – everyhome

My friend likes her so I am always on the lookout for anything related to her so that my friend will have the updates, etc. I have actually listened to this single first before I came across the MV. The single is very good and her voice is very good. I don’t usually listens to female Japanese singers except maybe, sometimes, MISIA (BTW, I also downloaded her Any Love MV šŸ™‚ ). That is the first time I have listens to her ^^.

I’ve just mentioned over lunch today to my friend that I found the link to download her MV and she’s so excited that ehm…well…time for friend’s service.

This is not a HQ mv, rather a LQ one, but seeing that I do not know the place to download HQ and I don’t use BT, it is better than nothing!

The MV, like the song, is simple. It started with the camera showing a wall of drawings that (I’m guessing) done by children, accompanied by the piano music. Then it panned to Chihiro singing. That’s all. Ehm…Japanese MVs (or PVs as they like to call them) are different from Korean MVs.

And the drawings – they are beautiful…

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures
and click on the pictures for a bit larger views

^ The second pic: that’s her…

Download MV – 16 MB
Note: Please do not post the file link elsewhere

If you want the Japanese and Romanized lyrics to this song and the other songs from her everyhome single, you may go to Cori site here. There are currently no English translation to the lyrics.


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