Lust, Caution promotional stills

Ah..some stills from Lust,Caution. Somehow looking at them reminded me of “In The Mood for Love”. Don’t know why – maybe they are of similar period ? However, the set designs looked gorgeous. Although Tony here looked tired/old :/

And I wonder which part of the set belongs to Malaysia’s own Ipoh. Hmm…

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Source: Tungstar /


5 thoughts on “Lust, Caution promotional stills

  1. I just saw this on your blog title:

    My obsession with Korean, Japanese and Chinese entertainment

    I’ve never met anyone who likes all 3!!! Yay!! I am so coming back to your blog every day. Mehehe.

  2. I remember they did shooting at Ipoh, Perak. Did they??
    So this pic is from there??

    if yes . wow .. i can’t imagine how they turn dead small city into that superb .. place ..

  3. I’ll watch anything w/ Tony in it.
    If we’re saying he looks old & tired in the pic then that’s probably exactly what he was trying to convey! Such a freaking awesome actor <333333

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