WOW! Chemistry new MV’s look!

Gosh, it’s been ages since I last keep up-to-date with them and looked at this!!! Their new images for their upcoming MV… This news is in Japanese – not going to translate them (coz lack of skills la) but I can roughly make sense of some of the words.

OK, here’s go: I think the single will be named “This Night” and it will be released on 1st August. This is the first time that the song is written from a girl’s perspective. Ehm…have to do with break-ups. The guys will act in this MV. I think it’s sorta like the Korean-style MV (the ones with story lines). I guess the rest of the article talked about the MV, which is too hard for me to read 😛

But looked at them – they looked very rugged, bad boy-ish!

Full article:

8月1日にシングル [This Night] をリリースするCHEMISTRY。この楽曲は、彼らにとって初の女性言葉の歌詞による失恋ソングで、歌詞中の主人公(女性)の失恋寸前の切なく苦しい気 持ちを彼らが代弁するように歌い上げた、クールでセクシーなR&Bナンバーだ。



さらにメンバーの川畑要はこの撮影のために鍛え上げた肉体美も披露! その引き締まった体にも要注目。また、堂珍嘉邦はこの撮影のために数日間の演技指導を受け、ハードでワイルドな男性を演じている。


CHEMISTRYにとって、また新たな挑戦となったこのPVは、7月20日(金)0:00より、「Sony Music On Line」内公式ホームページにて視聴できるので、ぜひチェックしてほしい。

Source: BARKS online


4 thoughts on “WOW! Chemistry new MV’s look!

  1. oh i like chemistry, but i still don’t know their names.heheheheh…..the one with the hat looks so sexy with his shirt off. is it just me but did he get skinner,and the other one is cute to but he is showing more of his age nowadays.

  2. oh let see.. the one with the hat (half-naked toned guy) – his name is 川畑要 – Kawabate Kaname and the other guy (rugged good looking chap) is 堂珍嘉邦, Dochin Yoshikuni. Only Dochin-san is married. I remembered his wife is a model (or actress?) and he has a son. They are from DefStar/Sony Music – the same label as Hirai Ken.

    I havent been keeping up to date with their latest coz it’s very hard to find Japanese mvs these days. I dont have BT so I can’t download from that source.

    I do have older MVs of them.

  3. WHAT! dochin-san is married, but i thought it was only kawabate-san who was engaged to be married. ahhhh my heart is breaking. dochin-san is my favorite out of the two.

  4. well yeah, dochin-san married first – it was like a surprise coz he announced it a bit suddenly. I dont know that kawabate-san is getting married :O this is news!

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