J-WAVE Live 2000+7 in August

Concert time in Japan next month for Hirai Ken, Chemistry, Suga Shikao, etc. Here’s the schedule for the 2 days (who’s appearing when). LOL, only heard about this when I went to Hirai Ken site for some long due updates.

Wish I am in Japan (and Korea, too) to be able to watch all this nice concerts!

According to the official site (here), these are the artists who will appear on

18th August 2007, 3.30pm -> Ayaka, ULFULS / ウルフルズ, Koda Kumi, Hirai Ken, Moriyama Naotaro and Remioromen.

19th August 2007, 3.30pm -> Chemistry, Ito Yuna, EXILE, Kimura Kaela, Crystal Kay, Suga Shikao and Hajime Chitose.

The location will be in Yokohama Arena.

Credits: J-Wave site / fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com

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