Eru’s Fan Meeting report

Ah…Arirang published this 🙂 … I know, it’s been ages since it has happened but lol, nothing is ever too late for me… You can find the meeting pics on the internet…I’m posting this news for record keeping 🙂

Talking about Eru, I just saw him in that MusicBank special – the one with Park Hyo Shin and Lee Ki Chan. That clip was awesome!!! And I just realised how difficult it is to sing PHS song (Memories resemble Love).

The new star of ballads – singer Eru! July 5th was his 24th birthday. And that day, he had a birthday party for his fans – meeting them for the first time since his debut two years ago!

It was an incredible day.

Eru has male and female fans of ALL ages. In fact, we saw evidence of that today – there was even a small child at his party! The singer made a grand entrance and he looked ecstatic to have been joined by so MANY of his fans… They all cheered for him enthusiastically, after all it was his birthday!
I have to admit, I envied him! He started the event off with the song that brought him to where he is today, ‘Black Glasses’.

It wasn’t just fans who were there to congratulate Eru on his birthday! His close celebrity friends were there, too – MC Mong, So Yoo-jin, Star, and Oh Jong-hyuk… (They made the night all the more special.)

When Eru blew out the candles, his good friend, Oh Jong-hyuk couldn’t just stand idly by – he smeared some cake on his face! So Yoo-jin came as soon as her live radio show was over – and she had a present, too! Surprise, surprise! It was underwear! Eru turned as red as his present!

Of course, the work of legendary Tae Jin-ah couldn’t be left out of such a joyous occasion. Eru sang his father’s greatest hit, ‘Ok-kyung’. But as a ballad! Then, it was the legend himself who made an appearance! Tae Jin-ah got out on the stage. Father and son warmed the fans up with a touching duet performance. Before his exit, Tae Jin-ah made a special request to his son’s fans.
Eru had something to say, too.
After his musical debut, this was Eru’s first official meeting with fans. That in itself made the night memorable, but it was also great because he got to spend quality time with his adoring fans, caring friends, and supportive family. Once again, we wish Eru a happy 24th birthday!
Source: Arirang TV


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