Quick Updates…

I won’t be having frequent internet access starting tomorrow until …uhm…2-3 weeks later. Therefore, I won’t be updating this blog daily as I am used to now 😦 . The only time I will have internet access will be Sat/Sun. So all the weeks’ interesting happenings and my own uploads will be posted either on Sat or Sun.

I will ** try ** to get internet accces during the weekdays but that’s not guaranteed so I have to apologise for not updating this blog. Wait… why do I need to apologise? ** shake heads **

In the meantime, I just realised that my blog has hit 150,000 !!! I’m so happy as I never expected it to have this number ….hahaha…when I first started back in January, I thought nobody will come and read what I have posted. Anyway, any ideas on how to celebrate this number? I’m thinking of uploading some songs or maybe uploading those 30+ minutes MV(s) that I have like Position mv (Lee Dong Gun) or MK’s Bye Bye Bye (Lee Dong Wook)… or old interesting MVs ? LOL, please give your suggestions…hmm….


4 thoughts on “Quick Updates…

  1. woo hoo … congrats for hitting 150,000!! i believe like me, a lot of people came here for the latest news on K, J and C-entertainment news. thank u for all ur hard work for providing us with all these infos.

    mmmm … do u happen to have any of the old M.Street MVs? if u do …. mind sharing them here? or maybe the full version of Jade’s MV with Lee Dong Wook and JingGu??

  2. lol….dont think I have M.Street but I can find the vids (if any) for you.

    As for JED mv… i only have the first part – havent check out if the second part has been released or not.

    Eh..everyone wants Lee Dong Wook πŸ™‚

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