Jo Seung Woo going to Japan for…

Some bit news on JSW… he will be going to Japan for a musical and well, O_O, I didnt realise that he had went to Japan before for another musical (Jekyll & Hyde). I think he’s concentrating on his musicals now after Tazza…so we will not be seeing him in movies so soon this year :/

Actor Cho Seung-woo will appear in the musical “Man of La Mancha” in Japan Sept. 22.

It will be Cho’s second musical in Japan after last year’s “Jekyll and Hyde,” which earned him standing ovations from Japanese audiences and numerous offers from the Japanese performance sector.

Tokyo’s Aoyama Theater, where “Man of La Mancha” will be staged, can accommodate 1200 seats. The large scale of the theater attests to the great interest of Japanese viewers in the musical.

The musical is based on Miguel de Cervantes’ novel “Don Quixote,” and its theme song, “Impossible dream,” has been performed by Placido Domingo and Elvis Presley.

Source: KBS Global


2 thoughts on “Jo Seung Woo going to Japan for…

  1. I know CSW comes from a family with strong stage performing background and I suppose he sings as well since he does stage. Is he taking the lead role of Don Quixote or will he b singing Impossible dream a la Placido Domingo (tenor)?

  2. ^ yeah, He sings…. he will be taking the lead role, I guess…

    You can hear him sing in the movie Who Are You? …he played the guitar and sings to Lee Na Young.

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