Wheesung at Park Kyung Lim’s wedding

OK, this is direct from Melon and I’m only guessing here…it seems he went to Park Kyung Lim’s wedding (15th July) and sang a congratulatory song with Lyn to her šŸ™‚

Correct me if I am wrong O_O

The original korean news bit is:

ė°•ź²½ė¦¼(29)ģ“ 15ģ¼ ė‚® 12ģ‹œ ģ„œģšø ģž„ģ¶©ė™ ģ‹ ė¼ķ˜øķ…”ģ—ģ„œ ķ•œ ģ‚“ ģ—°ķ•˜ģ˜ ķšŒģ‚¬ģ› ė°•ģ •ķ›ˆģ”Øģ™€ ģ›Øė”©ė§ˆģ¹˜ė„¼ ģšøė øė‹¤.

ķœ˜ģ„±ź³¼ ė¦°ģ“ ģ§ģ ‘ ģž‘ź³”ķ•œ ź³”ģœ¼ė”œ ģ¶•ź°€ė„¼ ė¶€ė„“ź³  ģžˆė‹¤.

Source: Melon.com

Source: Melon.com + LaelWedding.co.kr (the official site)
^ Wonder what song did they sing….

BTW, there were lots of artists from singers, actors, hosts, comedians that attended her wedding. It was a very big event! Fany, Jo In Sung, Jang Na-Ra, Lee Hyo-Ri, KangTa, Shin Hye Sung, etc …so many of them…


2 thoughts on “Wheesung at Park Kyung Lim’s wedding

  1. the one thing that was so funny was that some of the people wore casual clothes.hahahaha……and most of the ladies that attended her wedding wore white. ohhhh also another thing, what the hell was bada thinking coming there looking like a crazy lady just released from the hospital. she was also part of the wedding party(as a bridesmaid).

  2. I saw some pictures and I could not believe my eyes.
    People wearing white(isn’t that a no no at weddings except for the bride) and others wearing something so casual looking.
    Jang Na-Ra looked pretty though.

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