Wheesung comeback date – 16th August

This is a translation from simple.designs @ soompi forum. I am so excited over this news! I am really grateful to simple.designs for letting me post this on my blog… Thank you very much

So mark that date – 16th August!!!!

Singer Wheesung will release his 5th album on August 16th and following the release, will have his concert on the 25th, 26th.

Wheesung, who is returning in 2 years after his September 2005th release, will hold his exhibition titled 2007 WHEESHOW (subtitled Welcome to Realslow World) on the 25th, 26th at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park. He promises to hold the best show in front of his fans.

On this show Wheesung will perform songs from his 5th album and to match the title WHEESHOW, show a fantastic live performance. Wheesung, known for devoting his energies into remixing (?) songs for his performances, is going to choreograph and write his own script as well as involving himself with stage production.

Presently Wheesung is running everyday for 2 hours near the waterside to improve his stamina. He is putting as much effort into this show as he does when he makes a song and he promises that through his album and concert he will show new sides of himself.

Tickets for Wheesung’s live concert 2007 WHEESHOW will be on sale this upcoming July 12th and can be obtained through GOODCONCERT.COM and INTERPARK.COM.

Source: simple.designs @ soompi forum
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