Nodame Cantabile Special in 2008: Paris arc

My favorite Anime blog site has this piece of news about a Nodame Cantabile special. The original casts – well, at least, Chiaki-senpai and Nodame will go to Paris to film it this autumn and the special is slated to air in 2008.

I like this drama so I’m really looking forward to it 🙂 …


10 thoughts on “Nodame Cantabile Special in 2008: Paris arc

  1. are you serius??
    omg i really love nodame ..
    wanna see their “romantic” scene in paris ..
    and how they develop their love ^^

  2. yay!! I love Nodame! I was hoping for a special after all the series ends ant vol. 9 of the manga.
    Chiaki-sempai ❤

  3. O_O
    Are they really going to Paris? (or should I say coming to Paris :D)
    So I just would like to ask one word: “When?” lol \ ^o^ /

    * feeling so excited * ^_^”

  4. Jan 4, 08
    Its on air right now – its hilarious!! (watchin it) checked if anyone online has written about it…and saw this blog, so lettin u know…its almost 30mins n ive been laughing thru it all

    luk out for it!!

    Nodame Cantabile: Special Lesson 1
    hopefully some1 will post it online later tonight (Japan time)

    (^-^)/ 4rm Japan

  5. ^ Really? ^^ good, will be waiting for the RAW and subs and later on, the DVD 🙂

    BTW, I’ve watched the trailers and it followed the manga quite closely – I meant the main arc….

  6. Ummmm, How different is the anime to the live action?

    And how how much do we see in both based on the manga, so… Does the anime and live action cover everything???


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