ERU interviewed by SINA – translation

Yep, went and translated this interview yesterday. He was interviewed, I believe, before his birthday party.

Most of the questions that he was asked were about his upcoming album. Even though I like Eru, I don’t really like the timing of this album as his will clash with Wheesung’s. But looking at the bright side, since both of them will be coming back around the same time, they may do performance collaboration together πŸ˜› .

ERU is veteran artist Tae Jin Ah’s son and he’s also currently one of the most popular singers in Korea. Even though he’s not outright handsome but he has a deep voice, that enabled him to have a good footing in K-Pop. He didn’t rely on his famous father but on his own talent. A few days ago, he had a second fans’ meeting in Korea and SINA has the opportunity to interview him.

ERU (E): Hello, SINA internet users. My name is ERU. I’m really happy to meet you and this is my second interview.

SINA (S): Let’s describe today’s fans’ meeting.

E: Today is my first fans plus birthday party. Today is to have a good time with everybody.

S: How’s your feeling today?

E: I’m really nervous. Due to a lot of people joining this party, I have prepared a lot of things especially performances I have never shown before.

S: What’s your birthday wish?

E: I wish that my upcoming third album, which will be release in August, to be like my second album – well-received by fans and a very “hot” album.

S: What are the things that you do for the preparation of this album?

E: Besides rests during recording, I also watched movies, exercised a lot. I felt like I am thinner than how I looked in my second album. I am working hard in trying to bring a new image to everyone.

S: How’s the progress of the album’s preparation/production?

E: Now, it is about 30 to 40 percent finished. Probably will launch this album either in the middle of August or end of August.

S: Will you discuss/share with us your new album’s MV?

E: Last album’s Black Glasses, we have Ahn Sung Ki starring in my MV. He will also guest stars in my new album’s MV. There’s also a lot of seniors that have give me support. Mostly due to my father’s popularity, I have also received lots of help from others. Therefore, I am really looking forward to my MV.

S: What’s your future plan?

E: I have plans to start promoting in August. I hope to have everyone’s support as I plan to come back with a new image. I will have a more manly/mature image.

S: Anything you want to say to your Chinese fans?

E: I am really grateful for your continuous support. I will try to come to China as soon as possible to meet all of you. I will also work hard towards the preparation.

Original article: SINA (link here)
English translation: fangorn @
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One thought on “ERU interviewed by SINA – translation

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE ERU!!!! such an adorable little hunkie. his voice is yummy. and his smile is so cute. i just want to eat him up hahaa.

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