Big Mama news

Wow, they are going to come back in September – am really looking forward to their album. Big Mama is different from BMK (stands for Big Mama King), even though all of them are female singers with powerful voices 🙂 .  Looking from those pictures, LOL, they have really slimmed down a lot…O_O

4-member female R&B group Big Mama will perform at the Small Theater in Daehak-no for the first time since they debuted 5 years ago.

They will perform at the SH Hall from August 31st to September 9th. “The Most Beautiful Day in My Life,” will be an intimate concert that matches well with the tone of their new album, to be released in September.

The group will perform their past hits like “Break Away,” “Sori/Sound” and “Never Mind,” as well as other new songs and an acoustic set.

The group, who left YG Entertainment in March and signed with Manwoldang, has recruited top songwriters and producers for their 4th album.

Source: RKI KBS


2 thoughts on “Big Mama news

  1. yea, it really does look like they’ve toned their bodies..but who knows. I looove their voices. a lot different than the typical, sugary, high-pitched korean voices..^^

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