Andre Kim show at Wuxi International Convention Center…

Finally managed to get the pics of Son Ho Young and Ivy for the recently held Andre Kim show. I never realised that Ivy has …ehm… well look at the pics!

^ That’s not from the fashion show…it’s from the concert – they went there for a fashion show and a concert šŸ™‚

Now…for Andre Kim fashion show pictures…

^ Wonder bra? O_O

Picture sources: SINA, mydaily, Korea Times


9 thoughts on “Andre Kim show at Wuxi International Convention Center…

  1. i like the pics of shy as an prince, and yea where the hell did those things come from(referring to the wonder bra photo of ivy)hehehehehe……also that black number she is wearing looks really tacky. what is andre kim thinking with that outfit?

  2. Big thankies LW!
    My favourite namja Hoi looks droolicious!….i prefer Hoi dancing, teasing n smiling sexy than flaunting Mr Kim’s collections anytime..anyways..Ivy looks so much better wearing them than pole-dancing on stage..LOL~

  3. i remember someone calling Andre Kim ‘resident alien’ in his blog which i find hilarious. he does look like an alien with his white suit!

  4. cjlatina,

    The only outfits that I do like are the evening gowns like the pinkish and the purple-ish gowns that Ivy wore. Others are too avant-garde to me šŸ™‚


    Andre Kim – uhm..he did look very “alien” – I dont know …the hair and eyes really did scare me O_O

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  6. i agree with you fangorn those are cute dresses,especially, the lavander one because that is my favorite color. looking back at those photos the orange outfit is also tacky(too bright).

  7. Princess Leia or Queen Amidala? For some reason, this fashion show reminds me of Starwars. Well, Andre Kim is from a galaxy far far away so no wonder.

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