[MV] VOS+ Choi Hyun Joon n MK’s Lee Jin Sung – Na2zen

Uhm, the reason I’m posting this MV is because I like Monday Kiz. I never actually followed VOS news 🙂 This is the MV to Choi Hyun Joon (VOS member) first single album. Monday Kiz also have a duet with him in other songs in the single.

No screencaps for this MV coz it made up of clips of Oh Ji Ho, an actor, travelling to Australia. Major eye-candy for people who likes him or manly Korean actor 🙂 .

I personally think he’s handsome but not really into him. Haven’t watch any of his movies or drama so this opinion may change *if* I have the chance to see him act. 😛

The song title is actually Na I Jen but the single is written as Na2zen. Song is quite OK.

^ LOL, I only screencapped the title….

Download MV – 25 MB
Note: please do not use/post this file link anywere else


4 thoughts on “[MV] VOS+ Choi Hyun Joon n MK’s Lee Jin Sung – Na2zen

  1. uh … i find the song … so so though i love both guys’ voice. VOS is quite good and i especially love their debut album but they are quite low profile i think.

  2. ^ LOL, well…hahaha… yeah, VOS and MK are pretty low profile..actually, I like the live perf of this song than this MV O_O

    ** Updated the link **

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