Lee Wan will be in Japan for Fans’ Meeting – 28th July

His “Tree of Heaven” is currently screening locally here in Malaysia. I didn’t watch it coz LOL, watched it ages ago. He was really good in this drama. I only watched 3 of his drama: Stairway to Heaven – which his intense eyes really caught my attention (StH was also his debut drama), Tree of Heaven – really good πŸ™‚ and Taste Sweet Love / Snow White – that one with Kim Jung Hwa.

Oops…talking about him, lol, I have to upload that second part of Tei’s mv soon…

Lee Wan will go to Tokyo for a fans’ meeting this 28th of July.

The fans’ meeting will start around 1 pm then 5 pm will have his fans’ club party. Last April, he setup his fans club, Seraph, in Korea. He had been to Japan for meeting with his fans before. He is going there this month to promote for his upcoming Seraph Japan event in August.

Source: SINA.cn
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13 thoughts on “Lee Wan will be in Japan for Fans’ Meeting – 28th July

  1. i don’t like STH except for the scenes with Lee Wan and i think Lee Wan is really a good actor (unlike his sister!) and very sweet-looking. i like him in Taste of Sweet Love … but i find Tree of Heaven too depressing to watch that i hardly managed to finish it. heh heh … i agree with you about his eyes …

  2. Lee Wan is a very good actor, you hardly seen an Asian actor has such in depth expression, the scene may be a make over from director, but it did bring a very strong feeling that a lot of western style cannot accomplish. It is different kind of expression but it touch your heart and the circumstance could be real for sure. The love is between brother and sister with a true sense of two lover, there is nothing wrong of that, it is a pure love and enormous feeling that makes sex unworthy. It is very common in Asian culture to have true love without ruining by unnecessary sex scene. If there is a need of a good kiss, it would be a long desire from moving out of that pure relationship, the story did not have a chance to develop to that point, other dramatic situation took over to become a tragedy. But it is an eternal instance that stay with you. I can careless of the director’s dramatic intention because the great love of this care taker and the innocence of this young girl’s persistent love had stayed with me and warm my hear any time I review their scene.

  3. i TOTALLY agree with barbara on that. though tree in heaven really is depressing (i was still dabbing at tears everytime i heard the theme songs weeks after i had finished the lsat episode), the love is really soooo beautiful it;s worth all the tissue paper and tears. heh. i think if you talk abt good comedies it’s gotta be Goong and My Girl, but classics, definitely tree in heaven and winter sonata. the love in tree in heaven’s the best, if you ask me. there wasnt even a kissing scene between lee wan and park shin hye but it was still !!!!!! LOVEEEE

  4. I am so glad I got back with this hot Korean TV series, after other similar dramas, this one still the best, and Lee Wan still the best in his dramatic performance, I want to say he and his sister are very beautiful kids, they both have great performance in Stairway to heaven, but Lee Wan’s performance in Tree of Heaven is just perfect, The story present a very heartful love, a lost child met an unselfish stepsister and open up his heart, the tragic fate of mafia world (but also cute on their loyal to their young boss are quite unique) is the taste of the drama, the very sad ending may not be necessary, it is just not real. It is more real for a withdrawn young teenager to act as what Lee Wan perform in the first ep. I just love his expression, and I did not see in other mv or drama, I saw 2 more things going on 2007/2008 I am looking forward to see his performance, I don’t usually fall in love with actor, other than Gerard Butler, I felt I am sort of read their mind and they can bring you to their heart, their thought and their world, I just couldn’t believe Lee Wan is so young.

  5. i’m surprised with everyone’s comments πŸ™‚ i’ve seen an episode of tree of heaven before but i just had the chance to watch the whole drama yesterday, and it is probably one of my favorite ^_^ i normally dislike sad drama/s but this one didn’t start totally sad like there were some funny yet romantic scenes during the first episodes.. i cried so hard during the last episode and i don’t even know why πŸ™‚ i agree with everyone, his eyes are his instruments in sending the message to the audience ^_^ i just hope that he can make more drama/s in the future πŸ™‚

  6. I agreed with everthing that were said by the above reviewers. I was blown away by Lee Wan’s acting when I watched him in Tree in Heaven. The way they loved each other so absolute and complete, they touched my heart right inside. Lee Wan is defferent from other K-actors, he has such intense expression that he didn’t need a dialogue to convey his feelings. If you have seen his WV-same pillow, lock up in tears and two other ones I promised you will thoroughly enjoyed them as I did.

  7. Lee WAn iS a very good actOr…!!!For the first time i saw him in his show(Snow White-Sweet Love)i was amaze in his cute face…and especially in his eyes.I Love Lee Wan so much…!!!!

  8. Lee WAn is so awesome. When i first saw him in Snow White i was just looking at is cute face and his beautiful eyes….i like him so much.!!!MUAH

  9. I,m addicted saw korean movie my be more then 100 series drama. i saw every episode he play in movie.very good acting.deep expres.sion.can make people fall in love with him. i like see movie happy ending.i wait your new movie

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