Jay Chou’s first directorial movie poster

Yeah, I heard about this first movie that he directed but don’t know what’s it all about. Now I have the information 🙂

That’s the movie poster. It is a love story and involves first love and music – as expected. Movie is slated for release around 31st July (I guess in China or Taiwan). Don’t think this is an artistic movie like Suki-Da. I think Anthony Wong is playing his dad (again!).

So anyone here is interested to watch it? 😛 I think I should wait for the “pirated” version. I don’t usually go to cinema to watch Chinese flicks.

Picture and source credit: Sohu.com & CRIEnglish.


6 thoughts on “Jay Chou’s first directorial movie poster

  1. i just bought his Curse of the Golden Flower but haven’t had the time to watch it. in fact i haven’t watched any of his movies yet. but based on his ‘acting’ in his MVs, i think he’s quite ok …

    i dun listen much to chinese music but in Jay Chou’s and David Tao’s case, i bought almost all their albums! i have also came to like JJ Lin.

  2. uh … i noticed that u mentioned Suki -Da … which i believe the one with Aoi Miyazaki and Eita. so … do u like it?

  3. My friend said he didnt deserve the Supporting Actor Nom for Curse of the Golden Flower – forgotten if he was nom-ed in the HK or Taiwan Awards.

    I havent watch Curse coz frankly, I think I am already bored just by staring at the dvd cover! I would probably finish the movie in 30 mins time – u know… watch, watch, skip, skip, watch, watch, the end! muahahaha …that’s what I did for “The Banquet”.

    Suki-Da is well, I don’t know…it’s too slow for me.. I do like Aoi and Eita part than their older version part. It’s not actually a BAD movie but the movie is a bit too quiet/subtle for me. Yeah, yeah, I know it was an artistic movie and you must have patience when watching this type of movie ~~ maybe that day when I watched it, I was lacking the “patience” part 😛

  4. heh heh … yeah .. it is reaaally slow. that’s why it takes me weeks sometimes, after getting this kind of movie, to watch it. one has to be in the right mood to enjoy it. one thing i like about this kind of movie is that … it feels real. it’s not ‘forced’ on you (i dunno whether this makes sense or not), unlike for example when watching Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru or Nada Sou Sou (i do love these two movies though!!) or most of Korean romance movies.

  5. I think he deserved to be nominated in the Curse of The Golden Flower. His acting skill has improved in comparison with his act in Initial D. His acting in Secret is not bad, though there are some parts that still need improvement. hahaha… what can u say, it’s a ‘rushed job’ anyway.

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