Son Ho Young preparing for his Summer concert

Well, it’s been awhile since I last heard of Mr. Smile. 🙂

He’s now preparing for his Summer concert, titled “Under The Sea”. His concert ticket sales is ranked as No. 1 in the country.

The concert will be held on 18th and 19th of July. He has chosen Summer as the theme of his concert. He also will utilised anything that’s related to water for some special effects on Underwater scenes.

He will also perform the song from his latest single, which will be release this month.

Source: SINA.CN, starnews
English translation summary: fangorn @
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Ah…inez, I copied the links and …

Picture 1

Picture 2 

Beats me **rolleyes** why I cant make the pic to show in comments


6 thoughts on “Son Ho Young preparing for his Summer concert

  1. ohhhh i love him. i really do like his solo stuff. now only if his stylist can get he/she act together because the style he/she is giving ho young now makes him look dorky. need better hair styles and clothing(show more of his body:abs abs abs abs).hehehehehehe

  2. Hoi’s certainly going places!!..
    LW..Mr Sexy Smile is always in my heart…LOL.. And he’s going to parade Andre Kim’s collections and a fans meeting in Osaka

  3. ohhhhh thanks for adding those pics! the one with him and the keyboard SMOKIN HOT, but the second one mmmm….well i love the showing of the chest,but i hate that sometimes he makes himself look dorky. i still love him though….i know i will have some great dreams tonight because of those pics.heheheheheh

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