[MV] 4Men – Present

Let’s see, before I watched this MV, I have thought that this single of theirs was about African children. However, after watching this MV, I realised I may be wrong. From the MV impression, it looks like the song is about children in general and the title is called Present…ehm… children are gifts from god ?

I didn’t capture any caps coz … I’m lazy 🙂 – I actually uploaded this clip last Saturday – just procrastinated to feature it here today O_O see…I’m way behind in featuring all the MVs that I want to feature… ><

As for the song, it is quite nice R&B Ballad. What I like most is actually 4Men’s voices. Their voices are really good – both in studio and live versions. Besides Soul Star, Wanted, 4Men is part of the vocal R&B male groups that I constantly keep track of. I love them!

Download MV – 34 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere


3 thoughts on “[MV] 4Men – Present

  1. there’s another new song sang by 4Men recently (i think it’s a remake of an old song) titled JaJangGa. quite nice too. the album is titled DongIn (if i’m not mistaken) which consists of songs sang by various artists including Vibe.

    ne, do u have this particular single? mind sharing it?

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