[MV] SoulStar & Baek Ji Young – When We Say Goodbye

It had been ages since I last post a MV. Sorry for the long wait as my internet lines were very -ehm.. slow :/

I’m sooooo in love with this song right now. It’s not the typical SoulStar song (R&B) but towards the powerful ballad type. The song starts with a slow pace then builds up towards the end.

I also liked the settings of this MV. The guy in this MV is the same guy in SoulStar’s first MV, Only One for Me, which he played the pianist-composer guy. He’s a CF model and his name is Park Jae Jung.Even though the girl in the MV did some singing, she is not Baek Ji Young. She is an actress and her name is Lee Su Kyung.

** Updated: 11 Jul ** Tidbit info from Arirang ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the representative song for Soul Star’s single album, ‘When We Break Up.’ The duet melds the sweet voice of Soul Star’s youngest member, Lee Kyu-hoon, and Baek Ji-young’s poignant vocals. It’s an honest song about the pain of separating. Actress Lee Su-kyung endured 48 hours on an ice set to make the music video.

Source: Arirang TV

^ Icy ๐Ÿ˜› … title.

The mv actually starts with a guy walking away from a girl who’s sitting in an icy place…brrr…I’m not sure it is real ice or fake ice but the settings really looked cold. When I watched those scenes, I felt that the guy is trying to break up with the girl but it was like he doesn’t really want to break up with her. More to like, she’s done something that really hurts him and he has to walk away from the relationship to have some time off.

That’s when we were shown close-up of the couple and they were actually crying. When the tears from the girl fell onto her hand, it turned to ice.

After sometime, the guy realised that something was wrong and turned back to see…

…that she was now encased in ice. He was shocked and tried to get her out of the iceberg.

She didn’t respond and …

….he found a steel bar (or poker?) to try and break down the ice before she died in it.

…will he succeed?

Actually, this MV is a bit sad and the girl willingly let the ice encased her somehow made me feel that she has given up hope (and life?) on the relationship with this guy. Seeing how the guy turned back when he felt something was wrong meant he still loved her and wanted to salvage this relationship but somehow, he was too late.

Yeah, that’s the overall feeling that I get when I watched this MV. It’s very metaphoric. Oh yes, I am purely interpreting this MV based on what I have watched and the song title – I have no idea what’s the song actually means as I do not have access to the contents of the lyric.

If you download and watch this MV, please do tell me what’s your interpretation.

Download MV – 34 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere

4 thoughts on “[MV] SoulStar & Baek Ji Young – When We Say Goodbye

  1. Your impressions seemed to match my own. The song is really good. This video reminded me of BoA’s “Winter Love” due to being filmed in an icy environment. I’ve been to an ice restaurant/bar and know they have ice hotel rooms too, but I doubt I’ll pay to spend a night in one of those. I don’t care for cold in my old age. Guess that’s why I’ve retired to Arizona where it’s currently 107 degrees Farenheit (42.222 Celsius). ^_^

    I’ve got what was labelled the Acoustic version of Winter Love uploaded on MU, but also have a larger, regular version…also in .mpeg format (I can’t tell any difference besides the viewable screen size and overall size – 89.2 MBs vs. 211 MBs), but here’s the smaller file’s link for comparison purposes:


  2. Oops! I meant to change that temperature to 108 degrees after I saw it had moved up a degree. At any rate, it’s just plain hot here.

  3. LOL steve … anyway, I’m currently obsessed back with Soul Star coz I just downloaded their live clips and gosh…the clips reminded me when I watched their live the first time. I spent part of yesterday night re-watching those live clips (even though they were low-quality version!)

    and thanks for the Winter Love link, I’ll download it during the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ when my line is better

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