[MV] K.will – Will Do (Sweet Mix)

I downloaded this MV without realising that he released a special digital remix single of this song. I totally laughed a lot watching this MV because the focus is on that little white toy. Is it a cat? It somehow looks like one to me.

I downloaded a clip of K.will singing this song and he had so much fun singing it, unlike Left Heart. Maybe it’s because this song is a happier song than Left Heart. 🙂

^ title… the lead guy in this MV is actually…that white toy on the left!

The MV starts with a young girl receiving a gift in a box. That gift turned out to be a white cat soft toy. Then we were shown on how this toy spent his time with his mistress and how happy he was.

…having tea with his mistress… gosh, he’s so cute in the 2nd picture…

…him going out for a walk with her…

…wrapped in towel…in the park (2nd picture)…

…blowing soap bubbles…listening to music together…

…another happy look…

However, happy times did come to an end when she grew up and spending less and less time with him. With her newfound friends and other distractions, he felt lonely and sad…

^ I don’t know about you but seeing a toy able to access a computer (going online!) is scary. Remind me of “Child’s Play” the movies! :S

…awww… 😦 he was so sad in the last 2 pictures as his mistress was too busy talking on the phone…

Therefore, he decided to leave the house but after sometime on the street, he…

…was attracted to something shiny on the floor…lo and behold! it was a ring!

Sitting on the cold floor, with the ring in his hand, he thought about his mistress…

That’s when he decided to go back. At the same time, she found out that he was gone and frantically searching for him when she saw him back to her house. He gave her his ring.

^ What did he write ? LOL, his name is Bin 🙂

Download MV – 35 MB
Note: Please do not post this file link elsewhere

^ file link above has expired but Nakiatala had posted 2 file links (thanks!).


15 thoughts on “[MV] K.will – Will Do (Sweet Mix)

  1. This was a cute video. I never really got around to listening to K.will’s music before, but liked this song enough that I’ll now have to sample more. ^_^

  2. thank you for posting music videos, i’m using them at a dance for this charity event all credits will go to ‘reika no rakuen’ of course. i love this song and the music video is cute.. thank you again!

  3. to steve gifford try dream (tango version) by k.will from it’s a really good beat, catchy. it’s from the korean drama ‘a love to kill’.

  4. I’ve never been able to find that song. Been trying to find the tango version for a while. Know where I can find it?

    and this vid thought cute, still makes me mad cause its the second vid k.will does not appear.

  5. thanks hon. I love this vid now. lol, the doll is soo cute. My lil sisters were creeped out at first that it was moving but they were soo sad when she started ignoring him.

  6. ^ actually Blur (that British band) have used something like that before…but they used a milk carton and that milk carton was alive and walking around 😛 …therefore, I didnt get freak out by watching this MV.

    Noticed how the vid was shot in some “old-style” camera to indicate that it kinda happened a long time ago. The bride at the beginning (I didn’t capture that cap) was her and she has grown up and got married …

  7. Hye…can you reupload this MV…I want to dl this video but it said the link was unavailable…I really appreciate it if you can reupload it..Merci ^^

  8. Seungmin,

    really? Thanks for the translation ^^

    oh one more thing, no need to include slashes when you comment because the system will think that you are including urls so your comment is put into the “Pending Approval” List :/

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