2007 Big 4 Concert

Eh, it’s that time of the year for SG. This year, besides SG, there’s FT Island, YangPa and SeeYa.

According to the news at SINA here, there will be 2 concerts. On the 21st July, there will be a hip-hop concert by Epik High & Dynamic Duo. SG with FT Island, YangPa and SeeYa will appear on 22nd July.

FT Island is hot, hot item now – ehm, I heard people saying that they sings good… 🙂 hmm, may check them out when I have the time.

YangPa has come back very strongly after many years of absence in Kpop.

Below are pictures of them during the photoshoot for the concert poster.

^ YangPa

^ eh…SG Wannabe la…

^ the currently very hot FT Island

^ everyone!

Source: SINA, StarNews


6 thoughts on “2007 Big 4 Concert

  1. was the previous The Big 4 Concert the one with M to M, Vibe and Kim Jong Gook? or was that some other concert? i wonder if anyone has any performances by M to M (other than those from the concert mentioned above and SG Wannabe’s live concert)? clips or even news on them are kind of non-existent on the net!!

    i guess i’ll download FT Island debut album then … so many good things said about them already. must find out myself!!

  2. Achhhhh!!!!
    F.T. Island they so cutest.Jong hun like look handsome nd so funny.
    But now jong hun has a girlfriend.I’m so brokennnn……..T_T…hiks..hiks…

    Congratulation for F.T. Island cause they album in second rank after SG Wannabe………

    Fighting F.T Islanddddd………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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