K.will single remix cover and tracklist

OH MY! He looks so cutie in this single which is a remix of one of his songs in his debut album (track #5).

I wonder if this is a digital or a “physical” ie buy-able single coz I want to get my hands on it.

As to why he release a single remix – err…no idea, ask him ?

Single: 하리오 / Will Do

Release: 26th June 2007

01 하리오 (Sweet Mix)
02 하리오 (Club Mix)

Source: Melon.com

Oh yes, I have downloaded the MV and wow, it is a very cute MV 🙂 one that will guaranteed to make you laugh!  I was having a great time watching it. I’ve also included the Melon event page for this single (below).

* click for larger version *


9 thoughts on “K.will single remix cover and tracklist

  1. Shen, digital single means that you can only buy it online via one of their many online music stores. It is not sold in physical format like a real CD.

  2. you downloaded the mv? mv for what? Left Heart? Will Do? or something else you’ve neglected to share. XD

    I’m not buying this is it doesn’t come in physical form. For digital singles I feel NO remorse downloading it.

  3. lol, i’m gonna email you the hq performance i FINALLY got of k.will on love letter this weekend. The file is kinda big. I could only upload it on megaupload. hope that’s all right.

  4. hahahha old hwanhee… now hwanhee with new nose = new hwanhee….
    K-will is my current obsession…. i love him… i really like his voice…
    this remix single … the song is cute

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